Media Rooms

Offering endless entertainment possibilities

Media RoomOne big-screen TV is good, but two large-flat screen TV’s are obviously better! Watch one game wind down as another begins; all the while you are playing a game of pool or serving up some frosty beverages. Access your music library from the video display menu, play the music via the main audio system and continue your conversation with guests lounging in the room. A media room is the place the family goes to enjoy music, watch TV and movies, play games or relax at any time of the day. Networked audio and video systems, computers, gaming and mobile devices allow you to enjoy multimedia on a combination of performance flat panels and speaker systems that turn the traditional family room up a notch.

A Video Display Ideal for Any Environment

While it’s only one piece of the puzzle in a media room, the flat panel TV or disappearing projection system is the focal point. Our technology consultants will work with you to help determine the best display type, whether that’s LED, 4K Ultra HD or a premium smart TV solution, among others. We’ll discuss the benefits of choosing the correct screen size and optimal placement for the environment, whether that means hanging it on the wall or incorporating it into a fine piece of furniture.

Speaker Options, Floor Standing or In-Wall

To really enjoy sports and movies the way they were intended, the small speakers built into the flat panel TV will not cut it. High performance audio is just as important as the video and Barrett’s Technology Solutions offers many great speaker options including speakers and subwoofers that can disappear into the wall entirely or a combination of traditional floor standing or bookshelf speakers with wood finishes that accent the decor. Additionally, our team of experts stays up-to-date and educated on the latest sound trends, including Dolby Atmos multidimensional sound, which truly transports your entertainment by moving sounds around you in three-dimensional space.

The design team at Barrett’s will help you envision and create the ultimate media room experience. Then, after selecting the products you want, our in-house installation crew will assemble it, program it, and make sure every member of the family can control and enjoy it.