Whole Home Audio & Video

Access and enjoy your favorite content from any room

Whole Home Audio & VideoTap the touchpad in the kitchen to access the entire family’s digital music files; browse and play one song in the kitchen while selecting another to play on the speakers outside. While you’re at it, fire up your kid’s favorite animated movie in the home theater – all by the single press of a button.

Today, a lot of the content we listen to and watch is downloaded and stored on our personal computers, smartphone, portable devices, or tablet. Trying to remember and track down every song, video or TV show from a myriad of devices would be exhausting. Thankfully, a networked, multi-room audio/video system allows you to immediately access, browse and select from your digital content collection, saved in one location, and easily send it to any number of audio and video devices throughout the home. Barrett’s Technology Solutions can help you integrate the music and video from these sources seamlessly throughout your whole home audio/video system, whether its files stored on iTunes, music streaming over the Internet, or your flicks catalogued on Netflix.

Speakers can be placed inconspicuously on the bookshelves, or a select a combination of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that blend into the aesthetic décor of your kitchen, bedroom and additional living areas. Your displays can act very much the same; either installed prominently on the wall, or hidden within media décor and automated lifts that allow your screen to appear when you want it. From a touch panel, smartphone or tablet, access and browse the digital content files saved on the home network; choose from preset Pandora or Rhapsody radio stations; XM or Sirius satellite radio; streaming services like Spotify and TIDAL; and more.

Our multi-room home audio and/or video system can be designed for new construction or retrofitted for existing homes, delivering high-quality music and video with equipment that blends seamlessly into any room of the home. Whether you want basic volume and picture control, an advanced keypad system, or remote control through wireless touchscreen devices, Barrett’s will design a multi-room audio/video system for your home that is simple to use, navigate and control; so any member of the family can enjoy their favorite content throughout the home, and even outside.