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Safety & Security Networks

Home security continues to be a leading driver for consumer adoption of smart home technology – not surprising either, seeing as how we all have an innate tendency to protect the people we love. What better way to add enhanced security and safety to your living environment than through a custom smart home system?

Your options are nearly endless and the team at Barrett’s Technology Solutions will work with you to determine the level of security and surveillance needed for your home and unique lifestyle.

  • World traveler? Whether you are on the road for work or jet setting for pleasure, an integrated, automated security system can grant you the ultimate peace of mind. Imagine being able to log in and view security footage on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Better yet, Barrett’s can work with you to design your home’s “Vacation” mode, programming lights to turn on and off at particular times, creating the illusion that your home is occupied.
  • Have kids? School-aged children are more comfortable on their own than you make think, especially when they reach those early teen years and are aching for more freedom and responsibility. With smart locks and integrated security systems, you can enjoy instant text alerts when key codes are entered, notifying you when your child is off the bus and safely at home.

Although these are just a few examples, there truly are many ways that a smart, installed security system can make your life easier and more secure, while also providing priceless peace of mind. Let Barrett’s help you protect your home, loved ones, and investments by integrating a personalized network of smart locks, sensors, security cameras, network video recorders, security panels, monitoring systems, and more.