Lighting Control & Motorized Shades

Delivering elegance, efficiency and peace of mind

Lighting Control & Motorized Shades Lutron Radio Ra2 Lutron HomeworksAutomated lighting and shade controls deliver the ultimate combination of convenience, efficiency, and safety. Set the mood for any room or event, accentuate the architectural features and artwork in your home, or simply touch a button to dim the lights, draw the shades, and relax when you return from work. Barrett’s Technology Solutions specializes in Lutron Radio Ra2 and Homeworks lighting and shade control systems that both compliment design and offer unprecedented control over your home’s ambiance and efficiency – both in and outdoors.

Control Home Lighting Centrally

Today, lighting scenes can be controlled via a central keypad or touch panel or programmed to automatically activate preset scenes based on astronomical time-clock settings, triggers, or adjusted remotely from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Turn on the lights in a single room or create a well-lit pathway to guide you throughout a dark house, even put the home to bed with one single “off” button. Better yet, add a trigger so when your car enters the driveway, the landscape lights illuminate the driveway, and foyer lights turn on automatically.

Convenience, Safety, and Security with Shading

Motorized shades are used for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to manage daylight or to enhance security by leveraging a pre-determined “Away” scene that closes all of your automated shades and restricts the view inside of your home. The added level of convenience and safety makes shading control a coveted integrated technology. Better yet, utilize Lutron motorized shades to help your household conserve energy; program your shades to open wider in the winter, relying on the sun to warm your home, or lower in the summer, keeping your space cooler and dark. Some shading systems even combine specialty fabrics for additional environmental benefit and energy conservation.

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